DIY Face Toner Recipe

This is what I’m using for face toner at this point. I put Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense vitality I use the vitality line oil because it’s less expensive, and the same exact oil, but you can find Frankincense here. I love how my face feels after using this. It’s a little tingly and extra clean feeling.

Here’s how you make it:


4 oz glass spray bottles

Witch Hazel

1/2teaspoon Vitamin E and A oil

9 drops essential oils


I usually start by putting in the essential oils. Is mixes easier, then the vitamin E and A oil. The last thing I do is fill the rest of the way, leaving room for the spray bottle top, with witch hazel.

To use:


Apply with cotton round with upward motion all over face. I usually spray the cotton round 7 times.

Order Of Use:

Remove makeup with coconut oil or use scrub. (Will post scrub recipe soon)

Wash face with foaming face wash (Will post that recipe next)

Apply toner

Use face and eye serum (Will post those recipes soon)

If you would like to purchase these oils from Young Living Essential Oils please use my member number when you # 12906611.